• Class l, Internally Powered, IPX1, Contnuous Operation
  • weigh only 5.5 Kg including battery
  • Color TFT 1024x768, 15" Display
  • 50,25 or 125 mm/s Sweep Speed
Cardioset FX7
  • Busy Channel Lockout -Time-out Timer
  • High/low Power Switchable
  • Double Injection Molding
  • Water Protection Class

About ieicorp

ABOUT ieicorp

Iran Electronics Industries (IEI) was established in 1973 and presently is the major producer of electronic systems and products in Iran. With eight subsidiaries, over one hundred different products


Products ieicorp

PRODUCTS ieicorp

IEI designs, develops, produces, tests and utilizes various types of research, remote sensing, and communication satellites in addition to various ground stations Image Receiving, TT&C


Approach ieicorp

APPROACH ieicorp

Our company's motto is THRIVING FOR VALUES, this itself explains alot about what we think, how we think and how we do it. but still you might wanna know more, go ahead and click here